Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dragon*Con Art and a Gallery Wall!

Every year at Dragon*Con, I go through the same routine. I tell myself I'm not going to buy anything, I'm going to save money for once, I don't really need anything anyway... And then I wander into Artist Alley and all self-control goes out the window. I've discovered quite a few new artists that way, and this year I went a little crazier than normal and bought a gazillion prints.

I finally got them into frames, and, along with some of the other framed arty things we had lying around, my husband and I hung them all up on one super awesome gallery wall. The enormous blank space over the couch had been empty for way too long, so we decided to throw everything up there and see how it looked. It definitely outs us as mega-nerds right off the bat, but anyone we invite over probably knew that about us anyway!

(Please pardon the awful phone photos in this post!) Since you can't really see them well, here are the prints I bought at Dragon*Con:

ShiShi by Leslie Ditto

A bunch of stuff by Cassie Hart (The She Hulk pinup just slays me. So cute!)

And a couple of adorable little creatures like this from Janet Lee, which did not go on the gallery wall but are awaiting frames and will then be hung in a place of honor elsewhere in the apartment.

I may make this a regular feature and highlight some of the other fabulous artwork adorning my walls!