Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sketchy! Take a peek in my sketchbook

When you're an artist with a full-time, non-artsy "day job," it can be hard to actually, well, make art. In an effort to keep my drawing skills up to snuff, I've been making sure to at least sketch for a while every day. My husband has joined me in this endeavor, and we've made it over a month now. Woo!

I will admit, on some days when I'm too tired and/or lazy to come up with something super awesome, I just draw whatever happens to be close at hand. And more often than not, that is a cat. (Yes, I am outing myself as a crazy cat person a mere three posts in. As a certain obese Coloradan child would say, I do what I want!)

Cats make great models- when they're sleeping. Fortunately, my little chubsters are extra-lazy! So today, for your viewing pleasure, here are a few sketches of my teeny gray cat, Merle, doing what she does best- sleeping and being adorable.

And because I can't quite do her justice, here she is in all her fuzzy glory.

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